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Can Your Dog Have Turkey on Thanksgiving?

It’s that time of year to give thanks. If you’re a pet parent, you’re likely thankful everyday for your four-legged friend. It’s also time for a big holiday feast. And like people, dogs love turkey. In fact, many dog foods are made with tukey.

It's okay to share a little bit of your Thanksgiving turkey with your dog. Go for the leaner turkey meat (white rather and fatty dark meat). Skip the crispy skin, it’s probably too salty and fatty for your pooch. Also be sure to put the turkey meat in their bowl and make sure there are no bones. Like chicken bones, turkey bones can splinter and cause harm to your pet’s internal digestive system or result in choking.

And while you are excited about the tukey as the centerpiece of your meal, your dog is probably eyeing the bird too - and your dog  might go to great lengths to try and get some of your delicious meal.

Here are a few really simple precautions you can take to keep your dog safe:

When getting ready to cook and prep, don’t leave uncooked turkey unattended on the kitchen counter. Raw meat can contain harmful bacteria and you dog will likely be tempted by the smell.

Before you sit down to eat, clear away everything associated with the turkey such as tin foil, wrappings, browning bags, string, skewers, utensils, the roasting pan, etc. They are all potential hazards for your dog.

If you are throwing away all the wrappings and scraps make sure they are put in a compost bin or trashcan that a dog can’t get into.

Distract your dog from your meal by giving them a treat - like a kong stuffed with a bite of turkey to keep them busy while you sit down to dinner.

Ask your guests to refrain from slipping your dog treats under the table. It’s hard to resist a begging dog, but remind your guests that you will give the dog their own Thanksgiving treat once the human dinner is over.

Having a dog that is happy and healthy is certainly a reason to give thanks. And your dog thanks you each day with unconditional love. 

IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff