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Your Dog Really Loves You

No matter what kind of day you have, you can count on your dog to greet you at the door with tail wagging excitement.

But why is your dog so darn excited to see you? It could be that they’re hungry or want to go outside to do their business or maybe they expect a treat. It’s likely a combination of all of those, but it’s also that your dog really loves you!

Recent research using MRI’s scan dog’s brains has found that dogs are in tune with human emotions and when exposed to the scent of a human familiar to them, the regions of their brains associated with reward and pleasure would become active.This is similar to how humans react to their friends.

So, just remember, that your dog has been waiting all day to see you and is truly happy that you are home and wants to hang out with you. Taking just a few minutes to play with them is good for them and will also help you unwind from your day. It’s the best stress reducer.

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IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff