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Boxes Reduce Cat Stress

Who hasn’t spent big bucks on cat toys that end up being ignored by your feline friend. Instead, you find your cat having a ball with an empty box that previously contained your latest online delivery.

So, why is it that cats love cardboard boxes?

Well, researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands conducted studies on shelter cats and found that being given a box to hide in allows a cat to recover in a new environment faster by keeping stress levels down.

In a Dutch animal shelter, 19 new shelter cats were identified and randomly assigned to either get a box or not. Ten were given boxes; 9 were not. According to results, those cats with boxes exhibited faster recovery ability and adapted to their new environment more quickly compared with the group without boxes.

To assess the cats, researchers used the Kessler and Turner Cat-Stress Score during the 14-day study period. Results showed that the cat group with boxes registered mean CSS lower than their counterparts without boxes, which meant they had lower stress levels.

So, keep a cardboard box around and you’ll likely find that your kitty is less stressed and anxious and it’ll save you buying expensive toys. is dedicated to helping you provide the best for your feline friends by providing a variety of cat care supplies.
IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff