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Making a Pet First Aid Kit

It’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month and that means updating your pet’s first aid kit or putting one together is you don’t have one. Make sure to take it with you on trips that include your pet.

Here are some of things you should include in a first aid kit for your furry friend that will make it so much easier to deal with a variety of pet emergencies.

  • Your pet’s information to make sure you know their history and provide it to anyone in a medical emergency
  • Vet’s numbers and information to ensure that you can quickly contact your vet, emergency animal hospital or poison control for animals
  • Adhesive or tape - to secure bandages
  • Gauze to stop bleeding or muzzle your pet
  • Towels and cloths to stop bleeding or wrap wounds
  • Milk of Magnesia or charcoal to absorb poison
  • Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting
  • Scissors to cut everything from gauze to towels
  • Tweezers to remove foreign items or ticks
  • Eye dropper to give oral treatments or flush wounds
  • Muzzle to stop your pet from biting while they are scared during an emergency
  • Leash  to help transport your pet
  • Blanket to transport or keep them warm
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IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff