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Earth Day Pet Tips

Earth Day 2016 is right around the corner. (April 22)  and what better way to celebrate the Earth and your beloved pet by getting green. LIttle changes can go a long way to limit both your and your pet’s carbon footprint.

Think about waste - Cut down on waste that takes space and switch to biodegradable poop bags. The bags decompose in about the same amount of time as an apple.

Rescue or adopt - Overpopulation, and consequently euthanization, is the number one killer of dogs and cats in the US. Visit your local shelter or rescue organization and adopt, or volunteer to help as many dogs in need find great forever homes.

Donate - Old blankets and sheets are always welcome at shelters and rescues as beds for cats and dogs.  Instead of trashing your old linens and towels, donate them to your local shelter.

DIY - Stop buying expensive plastic toys for your pet. Got some old socks? Make a dog toy out of it! Recycling household products and making  pet toys is a great way to reuse, rather than consume.

Take a walk - Instead of driving to the dog park, try  biking or just walking instead. It’s more exercise and time for you and your dog to spend together, and it’s not using fossil fuels or spewing greenhouse gases into the air.

Get food aware - You make great choice about what goes in your body, but what about your pets? Consider a natural, holistic diet. Buying products that are organic and local is good for the planet and good for your pet’s health.

Clean green - Check your household pet cleaning products and make sure you’re using ones that are chemical-free and therefore, not contributing to harmful runoff into our ground and water sources. Natural products will be better for your pet and the planet.
IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff