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Your Pets May Soon be Gadget Savvy

Technology has become an integral part of daily human life, but there are people that want to find out how technology may be used by our pets.

A recent NPR article, Not So Far-Fetched: How Cats And Dogs Can Use Gadgets You Already Have, examined what humans are doing to get their pets - both cats and dogs - to interact with technology including drones, using Skype, playing online games and more. Don’t skip the videos - they’re adorble.

The article also mentions that In the years to come, we'll probably see gadgets designed specifically with pets' well-being in mind, like wearable sensors for service dogs, or devices that translate an animal's noises into English. Last week a device was announced that lets your dog post on Facebook.

These are interesting developments that will certainly make the future more interesting. is committed to your pet’s best life and well-being. And while your pet can’t shop online yet, you can. So, check out our wide selection of dog care and cat care products.

IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff