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Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Dog parents love bring their furry friends with them everywhere. But when hitting the road with their pups in tow, most dog owners often forget (or even ignore) safety warnings to keep their dogs restrained in the car. It just makes good sense to keep you and your dog safe in any vehicle by limiting your dog's ability to move around.

Having your dog hanging out the window, or worse, sitting in your lap or the front seat, can be a huge problem. The dog can be a distraction or they may even get injured in an accident. Always keep dogs in the back seat and use a safety method to retain your pet.


  • Unrestrained dogs can easily distract the driver.
  • Loose dogs can block or move the steering wheel, gear shift and gas/break pedals.
  • A loose dog can be injured or killed by an airbag.
  • When hanging its head out of a car window, debris from the road can injure a dog's eyes, nose and mouth.
  • In case of an accident or even stopping short, your dog can become a dangerous projectile. This not only poses a risk to your dog; it is a risk to you, other people in the car, other drivers and even pedestrians.
  • In case of an accident, a loose dog can become a threat to emergency workers trying to rescue your from a damaged car. Or, your dog could escape and become lost.

Crate or Kennel -  This is one of the safer ways for your dog to travel in a vehicle Make sure the crate is not in the front seat and secured in place. The cargo area of a vehicle is not considered a safe place in the event your vehicle is hit from behind.

Car Harness - This is essentially a set belt for your pup. Car harnesses fit just like regular harnesses but are made to withstand the impact of a car accident. Be sure to get a harness that fits your dog well and attached securely to your car's seat belts. Look for wide straps and padding in the area of the chest to lessen damage in the event of any impact.

Car Seat - Dog car seats and booster seats are similar to car harnesses but designed for small dogs. The concept is to boost the dog up to a higher level, but to still remain safe. Look for a seat that attaches securely to your car's seat belts. It should also include a harness that attaches securely to the dog. Never hook this up to your dog's neck collar, as your dog can be strangled in a crash.

Car Barrier - Car barriers are designed to block off a section of the car. Most often these are placed behind the front seats to keep a dog in the back seats. There are a variety of types of barriers. They can be rigid (metal or plastic) or soft (cloth or mesh material). The main safety benefit is that they keep your dog away from you, minimizing distraction. They may also prevent your dog from becoming a projectile in a crash.

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