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What to Do If Your Pet Gets Stung

Because dogs and cats investigate the world using their noses and paws and they are fascinated by flying things - that makes them susceptible to being stung by insects including bees, wasps and hornets.

You can attempt to reduce the chances of a sting  by inspecting your home and yard for hives, but you probably can’t prevent your pet from being stung at some point. So, it’s important to know the signs of a sting, and being prepared to act if one takes place.

If your pet is stung by a bee, In most cases, there will be mild swelling and tenderness where the dog or cat was stung, usually on the face or paws.

Here’s what you need to do if you pet is stung by a bee:

Find the stinger - To stop the venom from spreading, try to remove the stinger as quickly as possible.Removal of the stinger should be done using a credit card to scrape it out (much like tick removal) Do not try to squeeze the stinger out with your fingers or use tweezers because the venom sac may rupture, further exposing the pet to more venom.

Call your vet - Monitor your pet to make sure that the swelling does not increase or spread. And contact your veterinarian immediately. Most often your vet will advise you to give your pet Benadryl and the dosage will be based on your pet's weight.

Apply cold - To reduce the swelling, apply a cold compress to the site of the sting.

Watch for anaphylactic shock - Some dogs and cats may be allergic to bee stings, and they can go into anaphylactic shock, which can be life threatening, if they don’t receive immediate veterinary attention. Anaphylaxis can occur very quickly, and the speed of treatment can make all the difference. Signs of anaphylaxis include swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, and collapse.If your dog gets stung by a bee and starts vomiting within five to 10 minutes and his gums become pale, that’s when you know they are going into anaphylactic shock.See a vet immediately.

Treatment - Your vet will typically treat this condition with IV fluids to prevent shock and give steroids and Benadryl injections into the bloodstream immediately. Your dog will likely have to be monitored at the vet’s for the 48 hours.

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