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Does Your Dog Hate the Rain?

As the rainy season hits many areas of the country, you may notice that your dog is not too keen about heading outside to “do his business”. This is a problem for many pet parents who find themselves struggling with their pups and getting them to pee.

Instead of dragging your pooch down the street for his walk or letting them out in the yard only to find them cowering for shelter and not doing their business, their are some things you can do.

Teach your dog to pee on command - This seems hard, but through diligent training you can make it happen. Start by having a command that you say in the same voice and tone each time. Be sure to reward and praise your dog when he completes the task. Soon he will understand that if even he just needs to tinkle a little, he can do it once you give the command.

Get out the rain gear - There are plenty of adorable choices for get raincoat and boots for dogs. These should help keep your pet dry. The only issue you may face is that not all dogs will let you put a coat on them. The booties may be even hard to get them to wear. However, once your doggie realizes that the coat keeps them dry, they might be more amenable to wearing it.

Share your umbrella - Sometimes it’s enough just to try and keep your pet dry using your umbrella. Of course, that will really only works effectively in light showers. In a downpour that’s not going to keep them dry enough, if they really don’t like getting wet.

Use indoor pee pads - There are many options out there from absorbent pads to trays that look like astroturf. But you might want to think twice about using these. For small dogs they can be ok, but larger dogs may leave too much of their waste behind. In addition, once you train your dog to go on the pad, they may start having accidents elsewhere - assuming it’s ok to go indoors.

Thunder Shirts - If your dog is experiencing anxiety from thunderstorms - whether inside or when going outdoors, you might want to try a thundershirt, which wraps your dog tightly giving them a sense of safety and calming them down.
IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff