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Giving Your Pet a Holiday Gift is Good for You

A big component of the holiday season is giving gifts to those we love. So, it makes sense that most people want to extend that giving spirit to their pets. After all, these furry friends aren’t just pets, they are part of the family.

Nearly 95% of pet owners admitted to having bought a Christmas gift for their pet, according to a recent survey conducted by Rover.com.

Because our pets love us unconditionally,  it seems totally natural that pet parents want to treat their cats and dogs like like another family member and get them gifts for special occasions - especially Christmas.

According to the survey, pet gifts average about $36 and about 5% of respondents said they have purchased something that cost more than $100.

And while, many pet parents will likely acknowledge there is something a little goofy about giving their pet a gift, there’s isn’t any harm for the pet or the human in doing so. In fact, showing that kind of love towards your pet just strengthens the bond and makes everyone feel good. You can also use the holiday as an excuse to get some new pet supplies that might have been needed anyway - like a new pet bed, or replacements for well-worn toys, or a new fancy collar.

So, knock yourself out, FiFi and Fido don’t mind.

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IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff