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Getting Your Dog in a Carrier

As a loving pet parents we enjoy taking our dogs with us on family outings and including them when we go out and about. However, sometimes that means having to put them in a pet carrier in order to bring them along. Whether you’re going on a plane, using a car share service, taking a cab, going to the vet or taking them to a friend’s house, there are just times that your pooch needs to be confined.

But what if your dog isn’t used to being in a carrier and refuses to go into one without a fight?

Training your dogs - whether it’s a puppy or an older dog  - to go into a carrier requires a lot of patience and time.  Here are some tips to help make the process easier:

Get your dog familiar with the carrier - Start by getting your dog used to seeing and being around the carrier, until it’s just another piece of furniture on the floor. Leave it out and encourage your dog to spend time in it by tossing in treats. You can also throw in your dog’s favorite toy, a t-shirt of yours, or a comfy pad that all have familiar smells and good associations with them. This will help lessen their anxiety.

Play and praise - Play, praise and treat your pooch for being around and in the carrier. Use words of praise and treats to reward your dog for going into the carrier. Make it a fun game.

Work up to spending more time in the carrier  - Work up to longer periods with the flap closed, then get your dog used to the sensation of the carrier being lifted and moved around before going out of the house.

Make it a pleasant and rewarding experience -  Be sure to use it on trips to places your dog loves such as the off-leash dog park,a dog store where they’re showered with treats or fun rides in the car. Don’t just use the carrier for trips to the vet.

Make it clear that it’s not optional - You’ll need to be loving but firm. Your dog needs to understand that whether or not they initially enjoy being confined they are going to get in the carrier. Don’t let the dog ignore you when you ask them  to enter the carrier. Be patient and consistent, and always, always reward for the behavior you want.

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IdealPetX Staff
IdealPetX Staff